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1902 YALE Trophy Football Collection of Harry Chadwick!

In July of this month we were privileged to get to restore four Spalding J5 game used trophy melon footballs from the collection of Harry Chadwick. Harry Chadwick played half back for Yale from 1899 to 1902. He was also the team captain in 1902. In January of  2017 his private collection of ten game used trophy footballs form the 1902 undefeated season were sold from his estate online by Mears Auctions. Four of these amazing footballs were sent to us for a full restoration. As of August 10, three of these footballs are still for sale via antiquesportsshop.com. Below are the before and after pictures of these footballs. Here is a list of what games they were used in. The colleges are hand marked on the bottom of each football.

Ball #1 - Penn State

Ball#2 - Tufts

Ball #3 - Vermont

Ball #4 - Wesleyan



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