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1930's 2 Tone Wing Back 1930's Collegiate Model Leather Laced Basketball  $374.99 SOLD

Early 1930's Draper Maynard Model R5XZ Nine Lace Metal Valve Type Leather Football $274.99 SOLD

1960's Rawlings GYRO-METRIC AFL Leather Football $75.00


1930's 2 Tone Wing Back Leather Football Helmet $375.00 SOLD


1920's 2 Tone Leather Football Helmet $325.00 SOLD

Late 1940's Wilson D32 Leather Football  $75.00 SOLD

1920's Goldsmith Leather Football Hip Pads  $75.00 SOLD


1930's  Leather Ice Hockey Helmet and Chin Strap $225.00 SOLD



Adult Size 1920's Goldsmith Football Pants $100.00 SOLD

Box of 1920's Wright Ditson and other Tennis Balls $30.00 SOLD



1920's Ken Wel Leather Football Helmet with rarely seen back of the Neck Padding $675.00 SOLD


1920's Rawlings Model 24 Leather Football Helmet 

$325.00 SOLD


1920's REACH 7 Lace Valve Type Leather Laced Basketball $300.00 SOLD



1890's 6 Panel 7 Lace No Air Hole Leather Laced Basketball $550.00 SOLD

1930's 9 Lace Hand Painted Leather Football $225.00 SOLD


1890's MORRILL Rubber Football Nose Mask / Nose Guard 

$400.00 SOLD


Early 1940's Rawlings Model C 75 Leather Football Helmet $200.00 SOLD




LARGE 1920's Draper Maynard 9 Lace Valve Type Leather Football $400.00 SOLD




Early 1940's Marathon SID LUCKMAN Leather Football

  $150.00 SOLD


1920's Football Referee's Horn. RARE made in U.S.A. model $150.00 SOLD


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